Chadar Trekking - Ladakh

Chadar Trekking - Ladakh

Haunted by the mighty snow leopards and mountain foxes, the Chadar trek is one of the most coveted trekking experience by tourists. During this trek you will get a chance to walk the frozen river Zanskar. The Chadar River trek is all about determination, focus and endurance.

Sundarbans - Forest - North East

The desert and harsh environment of this region is quite demanding but the raw natural beauty is unrivalled. During this trek you get to meet the locals and understand their reason for living in one of the most uninhabitable places on earth.

You will begin your journey by flying to the Leh airport which is one among the highest airports in the world. As you descend you will be greeted by the feel of the cold and dry air against your skin but what will allure your attention is the snow-clad mountains that stand erected all around you.

The temperature is usually 20 to 25 degrees below the freezing point. So make sure you pack a lot of warm clothes. After Leh you will travel to Chilling from where you will walk along the frozen river of Zanskar.

The experience of walking in the ice cold surface will make you wonder how you ever ventured so daringly into the frozen void since this trek along the lake is the most exciting and tiring one that tests your endurance. After your camp, you will start your trek again in the early morning on the frozen ice which feels like you are kept inside a refrigerator.

At one point you might not even feel your body if you are not wearing supple clothes to keep you warm.

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