ThoovAnam waterfalls kerala

Thoovanam waterfalls

The Thoovanam waterfalls is situated in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. This falls is considered to be a perfect place for trekking and is located 60 kilometers from Munnar. The waterfalls gives an opportunity to sight rare wildlife which cannot be seen in most parts of Kerala.

Specialty Of Thoovanam waterfalls

The Thoovanam waterfalls(Munnar) is formed by the River Pambar and is a perfect place where you can take a swim and dip in the crystal clear waters of the pool below the waterfalls or stand lazily under the thundering waterfalls.

The falls can be reached by a 4 kilometer trek through dense and serene forest. This trek is the best opportunity for wildlife sighting. A view of the waterfalls from the distance makes for a breathtaking sight.

Best Time To Visit - Thoovanam waterfalls

The Thoovanam fall can be visited throughout the year but it is best when visited after the monsoon season.

Nearby Places To Visit - Thoovanam waterfalls

The Munnar tea plantation sighting, Pallivasal Falls and the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary.

How to reach Thoovanam waterfalls ?

By Air : The nearest airport is the Coimbatore airport which is 115 kilometers. There is also the Cochin airport which is 150 kilometers from Chinnar.

By Train : The Ernakulam railway station which is located at a distance of 130 kilometer from Chinnar is the nearest railway facility.

By Road :A bus depot is located at Munnar at a distance of 60 kilometers. Hiring a taxi is also another option which can be done at Munnar.