Edakkal Caves kerala

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves in Edakkal, Wayand accommodate the signs and symbols of prehistoric man who resided inside these natural rock formations and left his footprints for the next generations to admire. Located at a height in a mountain called Ambukutty Mala, the twin caves have carvings belonging to the Neolithic age (considered to be 7,000 to 8,000 years old).

Specialty Of Edakkal Caves

The Malayalam word Edakkal translates to ‘in - between’ and the name completely justifies these formations in between the space of huge rocks In actual, these are not caves, but V - shaped fissures better known as clefts. The truly majestic atmosphere inside the caves draws the attention of the tourists interested in peeping into their history of origination.

The carvings inside the caves feature human and animal figures. While many symbols carved on the rock walls are yet to be deciphered, there are other carvings that clearly depict the tools like bows and knives that prehistoric man used.

The caves can be accessed after a trek of 300 m , offering wonderful scenic beauty on the way. There is a telescope fixed near to the caves that allows the visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views of the distant places.

However, the true attractions of these caves are the carvings, some of which are in the form of paintings, offering resemblance and a possible connection with the Indus Valley Civilization of theNorth. The caves are considered as significant discoveries, rarest to be found in theSouth Indian region and offering great information about the human ancestors.

A Forest Department guide is present at the caves to help explain the significance of the carvings and something of the history of the region. The caves are open daily.