Manjarabad Fort karnataka

Manjarabad Fort

Karnataka’s past lies in the beauty of its many forts and ruins that sing tales of its glory. Situated in the heart of mountains of the Western Ghats, the Manjarabad Fort lies in Sakleshpur of Hassan district, Karnataka.

Manjarabad Fort - Karnataka

From a bird’s eye view the fort takes the shape of an octal star. Built by the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, this fort has many secret tunnels that connect it to many other places which were used during cases of attack. The history of Karnataka would be incomplete without Tipu Sultan who has contributed to a great number of historical places.

This unique fort was designed by the French when Tipu Sultan was at war with the English. He wanted the fort to be built in a way that it could not be penetrated. In each of its eight edges, lies a watch tower which can sight any signs of attack from afar.

Inside the fort lies a well structure which is the only source of storage of water for the fort. When the sky is clear on certain days, you can catch a glimpse of the horizon of the Arabian Sea. The environment within the fort is that of a unique one where you can spend some time sitting down and relaxing.

How to reach ?

By Air : The Mangalore airport is 160 kilometers from the fort and is the nearest airport.

By Train : Situated in the district of Hassan, the Hassan railway station is 46 kilometers from Manjarabad Fort.

By Road : Manjarabad Fort is easily connected by road. You can reach Hassan and take the highway to reach Sakleshpur.