Kabini Boat Ride karnataka

Kabini Boat Ride

if you’ve been on a land safari in the Nagarhole National Park, then you will be hesitant to go for the boat ride in the Kabini River. But know that the boat safari is no less enjoyable than the land safari. Even if you do not spot anything worth your while, the image of the forest from the water is a picturesque setting, especially during sunset when the red rays of dusk illuminates the water amidst the green forest making the entire scene a colorful one

Kabini Boat Ride - Karnataka

There is, of course, very few number of tigers in the world and it gets difficult to spot one in a forest reserve. Hence, the lesser the expectations, the more fun and enjoyment. It is sometimes impossible to find any animals inside the forest and that is mostly because they are busy at the water hole.

So as you embark on a boat ride in the Kabini River, you can see animals left, right and in the water. Elephants, deer, crocodiles, bison, a multitude of avifauna and boars can be seen playing or drinking the water.You can easily spot crocodiles that can be seen to be sun basking along the embankments surrounded by a host of birds.

One place where you can catch sight of a herd of deer that occupies an entire side of the river bank. Animals are seen more often in a river safari in the park during the summer when most of the waterholes inside the park dries up and the animals flock to the river in search of alternate source especially tigers.

As you take a trip along the Kabini River, you can spot austere looking trees that have a smooth bark perched in the middle of the river. As the sun sets, you can find yourself amidst magical waters of the river which turn golden due to the dying sun giving your journey a magical end.

How to reach ?

By Air : The nearest airport is the Bangalore international airport which is at a distance of 20 kilometers from Kabini.

By Train : The nearest train facility is at Mysore which is located at a distance of 80 kilometers.

By Road : The river Kabini is well connected by road from all other cities and towns of the country.