Kangra Fort

 Kangra Fort

In a country which is swarmed with ancient forts, the Kangra fort is the eighth largest fort in India. The fort is situated at Kangra near Dharamsala and is one among the oldest forts in India.

Kangra Fort - Himachal Pradesh - India

Believed to be constructed by Maharaja Susharma Chandra of the Katoch dynasty. He is known to have fought in the Mahabharata battle alongside the Kauravas and built a fort to protect his kingdom after the war at Kangra. Over the years many kings and kingdoms used to send a part of their wealth to the idol inside the temple of the fort.

This accumulation of wealth was too great to carry for any number of camels nor be contained in any vessel. The fort allured many invaders owing to its richness. It was attacked many number of times by invaders who tried to hold power over the fort.

An old legendary saying goes that,’ He who holds the fort (Kangra), holds the hills’. The fort is believed to have 21 wells filled with vast treasures. Locals still believe that 8 more wells exist that hold the wealth. This fort is a haven for history buffs and photographers.

The stone in the walls have seen many eras of rulers and speak volumes of history. This ancient fort houses two temples in the premises, the Laxminarayan temple and Sitala temple. These temples are remarkable for their beautiful work of architecture and are now found in ruins due to an earthquake that struck the region years ago when a British battalion took over the fort.

The fort now stands majestically, proudly hoisting its rich history, over a hill surrounded on all sides by slopes. The only entry is through a narrow passage. The fort was well planned to slow down approaching armies during attack and makes for a unique destination to spend the day.

How to reach

By air : The nearest airport is at a distance of 14 kilometers at Gaggal.

By rail : The nearest railway station is at Pathankot at a distance of 70 kilometers.

By road : Kangra fort is well connected on all sides by road to major cities and towns

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