Gir Forest

Gir Forest

The kingdom of the mighty Asiatic lions, the Gir forest is the dwelling place for most wildlife creatures amidst a rich vegetation and a great topography. Known popularly as the Gir forest or Sasan Gir, is situated in Gujarat.

Gir Forest National Park

This was once a hunting grounds for the British during their reign. Due to a case of famine the lions in the region decreased to an alarming number and poaching was forbidden since then. Gir is made up of a unique flora and fauna and is one of the most important among the protected areas in Asia because of its unique species.

With an increase in the count of lions, the park only allows photo safari. This area is reserved for the mighty Asiatic lion to roam freely in its surroundings in safety. As you tour around the famous region of the Sasan Gir, you get to feast your eyes on thousands of varieties of flora and avifauna.

This grandeur kingdom of His Majesty, the royal Asiatic lion is best seen in its full splendor during winters after the monsoon season as the forest appears to be in all its lush glory owing to the bountiful rain.

During the safari, you can spot lions sitting on your way, cubs playfully frolicking or walking majestically with its golden mane illuminating in the sun. Gir is known for its famous crocodile breeding farm when compared to anywhere in the country. The crocs here are extremely sensitive and tend to get easily irritable and be wary when taking pictures.

How to reach

By air : The nearest airport is the Diu airport which is at a distance of 64 kilometers away.

By rail : The Chorvad railway station in Gujarat is the nearest railway station at 34 kilometers away.

By road : Sasan Gir is connected well by roads to all major cities and towns.