Panaji - Goa goa

Panaji - Goa

One of the most charming locations in India, Panaji is an old-fashioned town in the territory of Goa. If you get to read about Panaji from the books, you will understand that it is a quaint little city that emerged from an artist’s imagination. The entire town from a bird’s eye view is as if the festival of Holi is being celebrated with colorful hues of shades. Panaji has a lively atmosphere from the buildings to the streets, everything around you will be painted in vibrant colors.

Panaji- Goa - North India

You will find that the streets of the place calling out to you to enjoy their bliss over a walk. As you stroll around the town you will find beautifully constructed stairways adorned in a carpet of mosses which you cannot enjoy in a car ride.

Panaji was a Portuguese establishment and still retains that same fragrance in its way of life. Winters make for the best time to visit the place as the climate beckons anyone who is in the vicinity. You can get to see many Portuguese buildings unoccupied and filled with history. These buildings have seen many ages as life progressed, they have stayed there.As you head along the rivers of Mandovi and Ribandar, you will get to see many churches among which a few are UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The oldest hospital in the country, the Santa Casa de Misericordia is situated in Panaji. It is now a management studies institute. As the sun sets on our day, you can see many boats waiting to take you for a ride in the night with fun, music, food, dance and drink.

How to reach Panaji - Goa ?

By Air : The nearest airport is at Goa at a distance of 28 kilometers from Panaji.

By Train : The nearest train facility is at Margao at a distance of 39 kilometers.

By Road : Panaji is well connected by road on all sides. You can also hire a taxi from Goa o reach Panaji.