Tour Costs - Indian Panorama

The figures on this page are approximate, but are designed to give you some idea of the costs of travelling in India.

It is our policy to make it absolutely clear before you book and pay for your trip exactly what is included in the price we quote. Some people prefer to have us pre-book almost everything in their holiday, leaving few additional expenses once they arrive in India. For others having accommodation, transport and breakfast taken care of is enough and they arrange their own meals, entrance fees, guides etc. At the foot of this page you will find a rough guide to the sorts of costs involved in these areas.

While India is still an inexpensive travel destination by global standards, the growing demand from domestic travellers, as well as from overseas, means that this is no longer a 'cheap' holiday. There is a shortage of hotel rooms reckoned to be anything up to 100,000 per night! This impacts mainly in business and commercial centres and shouldn't affect most visitors, except during the peak travel months of December and January.

You may find the following information useful in calculating the possible cost of a holiday in India. All figures are in US Dollars.