Tour Costs - Indian Panorama

The figures on this page are approximate, but are designed to give you some idea of the costs of travelling in India.

It is our policy to make it absolutely clear before you book and pay for your trip exactly what is included in the price we quote. Some people prefer to have us pre-book almost everything in their holiday, leaving few additional expenses once they arrive in India. For others having accommodation, transport and breakfast taken care of is enough and they arrange their own meals, entrance fees, guides etc. At the foot of this page you will find a rough guide to the sorts of costs involved in these areas.

While India is still an inexpensive travel destination by global standards, the growing demand from domestic travellers, as well as from overseas, means that this is no longer a 'cheap' holiday. There is a shortage of hotel rooms reckoned to be anything up to 100,000 per night! This impacts mainly in business and commercial centres and shouldn't affect most visitors, except during the peak travel months of December and January.

You may find the following information useful in calculating the possible cost of a holiday in India. All figures are in US Dollars.


We have a wide range of vehicles, suitable for many different travelling options.

All our vehicles are driven by professional drivers who take great pride in their work and who know the routes they cover thoroughly. In the main tourist regions of India (Rajasthan/Delhi/Agra and Tamil Nadu/Kerala/Karnataka) most drivers have a good level of English language and can provide insights into life and the things you will see along the way. In other regions such as Gujarat, West Bengal/Sikkim, Orissa and the mountainous regions of the north, drivers often understand English but don't have the confidence to speak the language. In these areas we recommend using an accompanying guide to ensure that you maximise your experience and understanding of India. The vehicles themselves are well maintained and are fully insured and licensed according to Indian Government regulations. All our vehicles are air-conditioned. We recommend air-conditioning for your comfort and to ensure better air-quality when travelling in cities, however on some hill routes air-conditioning may not be possible as it diminishes engine power - this will occur only briefly and/or in situations when the outside temperature is cooler and air-conditioning is not essential.

Car hire is a very affordable option in India. Prices vary according to the size of the vehicle, the region of travel and the route travelled. But as a guideline, prices start from $50 USD a day inclusive of driver, fuel, interstate taxes, parking, road tolls and driver's expenses.

Maruti Ertiga (Petrol) Hybrid model, a semi-SUV. This has 7 seats (bench seats). It offers comfort, safety & ample leg space + luggage space too. This can accommodate up to 4 pax for a comfortable journey. From US$ 60 per day.

Toyota Crysta - Toyota's luxury touring vehicle is suitable for 2-4 people travelling together in a high degree of comfort and plenty of luggage space and amenities. The Crysta will easily accommodate a guide on the days when you have one with you. Also a particularly good option when travelling in mountainous areas and those parts of the country where the roads can be poor. A vehicle that sits higher above the road ensures a smoother ride. All our Crystas are from the 2022-23-year model. From $80 per day.

Force Luxury Tempo Traveller (7 Seater) – Maharaja Tempo This is a minivan, a Luxury vehicle that can accommodate up to seven passengers. It has an 11-seat permit, but we have modified it to a 7-seater to travel comfortably. From 110$ per day.

Force Deluxe Tempo Traveller (11 Seater)This mini-van with an 11-seat permit can accommodate 6 to 8 pax who can travel comfortably. It has ample Space with a central walkway with seats on either side. From $99 per day.

For larger groups we have a range of vehicles suitable for groups of up to 35 passengers.

Long distance travel by road in India is not an effective use of your holiday time. We will book rail or air tickets for you as required but as prices for these modes of travel vary so much, we can't attempt to cover them here. Now there are more airlines operating and fares have come down in recent times.


Tariffs vary massively from place to place and according to the season. These figures do not take into account the peak-season surcharge which most properties apply between approximately December 20 and January 15th. Spending $100 USD per couple, per night on your accommodation will ensure a uniformly high standard of accommodation in the major places of tourist interest. All the hotels we use are selected after assessment by our team and we are constantly monitoring the performance of the places we use to ensure a high standard is maintained. Prices are based on twin-share or double occupancy and include taxes and breakfast.

  • 3 star Comfort hotels with western bathroom, restaurant and some amenities are priced from $60 USD - $80 USD
  • 4 star Deluxe hotels with a greater range of facilities (swimming pool, internet access, etc) are priced from $90USD - $150USD
  • 5 star Luxury hotels (with all the amenities you would expect in this class of hotel anywhere) are priced between $200USD - $450USD
  • Premier Taj and Oberoi Hotels offer the highest standards and are found in some centres, their rates range from $600 USD - $750 USD