Sigiriya - Indian Panorama

The most visited tourist destination in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya, acclaimed by the natives as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, housing an ancient palace and Fortress complex. The Sigiriya palace is exactly at the topographic centre of the island. Dambulla and Harabana are the two cities on both sides of Sigiriya, maybe an added reason for the increased influx of tourists. The palace is situated on a magnificent rocky plateau much above the sea level compared to the surrounding dense woods.

The Sigiriya Fortress houses a palace in a ruined condition. Besides, there are many fortifications, gardens, canals, ponds and alleys. It is surprising to know that this perfect amalgamation of nature and architecture was away from the human eyes for many centuries and found out later.

Historians have documented that Sigiriya had been functioning as a Buddhist Monastery from 3rd century B.C to 15th Century B.C. after which the royal residences were built by the yester years’ Sinhalese Kings. Considering the architectural brilliance and the grandeur, the fort is one of the eight World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka, listed by UNESCO.

The fresco paintings, mirror wall and the claws of the lions are the striking features of Sigiriya attracting thousands of tourists every year. Though it requires climbing on the naturally made stone steps, awaiting the surprise atop, people climb the hill enthusiastically. It is no wonder that Sigiriya would have been a popular destination even before thousand years.

Plan a trip to Sigiriya, where nature’s beauty and human’s efforts are at synergy!