Polonnaruwa - Indian Panorama

The island’s largest kingdom, Polonnaruwa still beholds the charm of being the best planned archealogical relic in the entire Sri Lanka. The entire city is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The ancient Lakathilaka temple and the huge Buddha stone statue have been attracting tourists from across the globe.

The city is dotted with the archealogical remains which are ruins of the yester years’ engineering marvels. Polonnaruwa is primarily a city known for temples of Hinu and Buddhist religions and lush green farmlands.

The roofless Lankathilaka temple is a real architectural beauty and the premise has frozen with time. The Kiri Vihara Stupa, which had been hidden inside a dense forest for more number of centuries and revealed only in 19th century is yet another surprise for the historians, archaeologists and the tourists alike.

Parakrama Samudraya, a huge lake with lush green farmlands around and the Shiva Dewale are the unmissable locations in Polonnaruwa.