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Dambulla, popular for the cave temples is situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, at a distance of 150kms from the country capital Colombo and 72 kms from Kandy. The cave temple complex and the Cricket stadium are the major attractions of Dambulla. The cave temple complex is well preserved and it is listed under the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Dambulla cave temple is under a huge granite hillocks. More than 150 statues of Lord Buddha have been preserved inside this cave. Fresco paintings made with the ingredients of the earthly matters are still with their original charm and beauty in a well preserved and well maintained condition after few repairs and repainting works. Both the statues and paintings have survived even after thousand years and it is the very reason, the Dambulla caves attracts travellers and historians from all corners of the world.

With the abundant beauty and efforts of nature and a very small intervention of the human beings, the Rock temple of Dambulla has escaped from all the natural disasters over these years.

Also visit the Rangiri Dambulla International Cricket Stadium during your trip to Dambulla.

Plan a visit to Dambulla, where the history still remains !