Negombo - Indian Panorama

The most popular sea town very near to the Bandaranaike International Airport attracting the tourism influx from countries across before they proceed to or after returning from any other destinations of the country is Negombo. It is located just at a distance of 7km from the airport and 37 km from the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo

Tourism and fishing units are the major attractions of Negombo which has a small trading part as well. Obviously, Negombo is popular among the tourists for the plentiful varieties of the sea foods. The city is also acclaimed as “Little Rome”, as it is the home for many ancient, centuries old Roman Catholic Churches. Also, we find several buildings dating back to the colonisations of Dutch and English. The city includes an old Dutch Fort Gate and a 100-meter canal from where the city can be viewed in a different perspective.

Though the city is dotted with many churches, the Buddhist temple Agurukaramulla temple brings in the Buddhists from all over Sri Lanka to be a part of the annual festival.

The broad beach line and the safe zones of the beaches are the major attractions of Negombo. Many water sporting activities are popular in this beach and you are sure of getting the best experience.

Besides the beach and the fishing, there are many other attractions in Negombo. Spices, Brassware, Ceramics, handicraft items in the shops around the beach enthuse the tourists.

Plan a visit to Negombo, one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and be sure of an ecstatic experience!