Kandy - Indian Panorama

The popular kingdom of the ancient Sinhalese dynasty and the most scenic city in Sri Lanka is Kandy. The Kandy city is both a religious and administrative city and second largest in the country. Kandy is the most sought after destination visited by Buddhists especially those following the Theravada School.

Kandy has been acclaimed to be the most popular city with beautiful architectures, highest civilization in place and the power centre for many centuries. Next to Anuradhapura, Kandy has been the significant place in the game of thrones among the Kings. Buddhism is the most prevalent religion in Kandy as in other parts of the country.

There are only very few things attracting tourists to Kandy. The temple of Buddha’s Tooth Relic has been the most popular location in Kandy. Considered to be highly sacred, the temple is flocked by Buddhists all through the year to worship the Buddha’s tooth kept inside the casket.

The annual festival Esala Perahara is the highly unmissable celebration in Kandy. Buddha’s tooth relic kept inside the inner casket on top of the caparisoned tusker is taken on procession through the streets of Kandy. The city wears a festive look and the entire city is thronged by Buddhists from all through the country.

The next promising location in Kandy is the Royal Botanical Gardens which is largest in the island housing large variety of plants, an awesome site to experience and enjoy.

Kandy is the most undoubtedly promising tourist destination in Sri Lanka giving you joyful experiences!