Colombo - Indian Panorama

The city with a jarring mix of the old and new, a rapidly developing city with modernized offices and hotels, yet preserving the age old buildings of the colonial eras. The capital city of the country surprises you with the blend of culture and history. Stroll through the crowded bazaars called Pettah, where you can get anything and everything.

Amidst the packed ambience, the minarets of the mosques peeping out, monasteries standing adjacent to the Hindu temples and the churches too, showcasing the diversity of lifestyles, culture and livelihoods. But in no way has this affected the regular routines of the public, disgorging at Colombo for different purposes and the city virtually becomes tranquil late night, except for the night life in select areas like clubs and pubs.

The harbour and the Kelaniya river has once been the star attraction for the merchants and invaders from Dutch, Portugal and also the British imperial.

Even after few centuries, the city has retained its charm of being the commercial hub of the country. Throughout the city, you can find the remnants of the Dutch and the Portuguese culture reflecting on the buildings and forts. The buildings existing since the British era are still under the usage like, the neo-classical old Parliament building and the Victorian-Era President’s house.

Captivating buildings, Parks with the well preserved monuments and the religious centres are the iconic to describe Colombo as a tourist destination. The perfect amalgamation of the diverse cultures and lifestyles, kindles your interest to know more about the city and its people welcoming you with broad smiles and yummy dishes.