Anuradhapura - Indian Panorama

The ancient capital of the Sinhalese Kingdom since 4th Century BC is Anurdhapura and it remained the power centre till the time Kandy came into the options. Today Anuradhapura is synonymous to city of ruins. The city is dotted with the ancient Buddhist spiritual centres and magnificent buildings.

The civilization was at its highest in Anurdhapura which can be understood by the world’s one of the most complex irrigation systems still in place. Historians record that Anuradhapura was a well planned city with huge buildings exhibiting the architectural brilliance.

Dagobas, Monastic Buildings and Pokunas are the major classifications of the architectural marvels in Anuradhapura. Dagobas are the bell shaped masses which symbolising the influence of Buddhism in the ancient SriLanks. They are also called as Stupas, considered to be an outstanding type of architectural creation. Pokunas are large water tanks enclosed between two walls.

The history of Anuradhapura has spanned over long fifteen centuries of continuous occupations and handful of monarchs. If you are savvy about history, architecture, archaeology and heritage, then Anuradhapura is to be placed in top in your wish list during your trip to SriLanka.