It is a rural community renowned for its impressive Jain Temple and is situated in Karnataka’s Hassan district. There is a striking white pond sited in the center of the town from where the name Sravanabelagola has derived. It is positioned 100 km away from Mysore and is eminent for its massive statue of Gomateshwara, also known as Lord Bahubali. The magnificent 17 m high figurine of Gomata, carved out of gigantic stone, stands firm in imposing splendor and is observable even from a remoteness of 20 km.

History And Mythological Belief:

This town was set up by the Ganga monarchs of southern Karnataka in 9th century. There are various ancient evidences in terms of spiritual monuments over the Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri that give clear view of its relation to Hoysala and Ganga period.

The mythological belief associated with it indicates that Lord Gomatheeswara (Lord Bahubali) was Adinath’s younger son. According to a legend it is supposed that Rishaba prior to his spiritual quest separated his realm among his two sons equally, Bharat & Bahubali. Bharat desired to become the supreme ruler and his younger brother refused to assist him. He refused his supremacy and with the interference of few elderly men a great clash between these two brothers got prevented. They got engaged in twofold fight and Bahubali conquered over his elder brother.

Bearing in mind his defeat, Bharat implemented his deadly weapon chakra. The chakra delimited Bahubali and got settled at the right side of his body. Bahubali at the moment of his ultimate conquest was smacked by the debility of fortune and emptiness of desires. Therefore he situated himself in an upright pose for 1 year closely where the figurine is at present and accomplished the condition of Kevali Arihanta and attained the perfect and whole awareness about the cosmos.

Major Attractions :

Bhandaribasadi Temple : it was erected by Hulla, the Bhandari (treasurer) of Hoysala Kings, suring 1126. This temple is also acknowledged as the Chaturvinsati-Jinalaya and is the largest of all the Jain holy places over here. Its size is 266 feet x 78 feet and consists of Mukha Mantapa, Garbagriha, Antarala and Sabhamantapa constructed in easy architectural style. On decorative pedestals, the images of 24 prophets that are feet high are installed.

It has 3 imposing doorways with sculptures of a variety of figures of human as well as animals. Antarala is made up of striking idols of Brahma and Yakshi Padmavathi. The doorway features an imprinted image of Indra in dancing posture with twelve arms.

Akkanabasadi Temple : It was constructed by Achiakka during 1121 AD. It is a grandeur sampling of Hoysala sculpture as well as architecture in the Sravanabelagola town. It was constructed by Achiakka, the wife of Chandramouli,hence it got its name after place of worship has been made through awe-inspiring soap stone. The Akkanabasadi Shrine is made up of the gopurams, sanctum sanctorum (Garbagriha), sukanasi and sabha mantapa.

This holy place is festooned with stunning images of Yakshi Padmavathi and Yaksha Dharanendra. Parshwanatha is the prime deity in this majestic temple, which is 5 feet long.

Jaina Math : It is the place of monks and a monastery of Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji. In 1912 AD, the first floor of this Mutt was built and later on its 2nd floor was erected. The three cells of this Mutt have been bejeweled with dazzling stone and metal figures dating back to 1850 and 1858 AD.

Chandragiri Temple :It is the most renowned Jain shrine and is sited over the peak of the Chandragiri Hills in this city. It was created by Chamundaraya, a fervent devotee of Acharya Nemichandra Siddhanta-chakravarti.

Vindhyagiri Temple : This holy place also famous as Odegala Basadi is a well-designed temple consisting of 3 cells suspended up on a mount, which is 572 steps up. It is situated at Vindhyagiri hills adjoining the town of Sravanabelagola. It stands wonderfully on an elevated terrace made up of various rock slabs.

Kalamma Temple : Kalamma Basadi is the single Hindu holy place found over here. This is a prehistoric shrine dedicated to deity Kali. This place of worship is positioned in the close locality of Akkanna Basadi. The rice provided by the Jain Mutt is used as offerings over here.

How To Reach:

Air : Bangalore which is 157 km from this place is the nearest airport.

Train : Bangalore (157 km) and Hassan (57 km), are the nearest railheads. One can hire taxi and car from here to reach at the destination.

Road : Shravanabelagola has a well accessibility through highways from all significant towns in Karnataka. Buses from Hassan run regularly.

Fast Facts

  • Best Season : Oct - Mar
  • Languages : Kannada, Hindi
  • Weather : Summer 23 to 37°C, Winter 17 to 30°C