It is the second largest faith of the world with more than 1 billion followers. In India it is considered one of the most eminent religions and it forms about 12% of India’s whole population. Islam was propagated by the spiritualist Muhammad in the 7th century CE in Arabia. Islam in Arabic term is literally illuminates the basic religious notions that the Muslim accepts lay down their arms to the will of Allah (God). Allah is considered as the creator, restorer and sustainer of the world. The force of Allah, to which all the human beings must propose, is identified in the Holy Scripture, the Quran that the God (Allah) revealed to his messenger Muhammad.

Islam-Religious Beliefs And Teachings:

The Unity of God is the prime message of Muslim religion according which the creator of the earth is one and he on his own is worthy of adulation and that Muhammad is his follower and messenger. The adherents of this faith are known as Muslims. According to Islam, a Muslim has to perform five main duties including such as bearing observer to the Unity of God as well as Muhammad as His representative, payment of Zakat, going through the prescribed prayer, keeping the fasts in the month of Ramadhan (Ramjaan) and visiting their pilgrimage destination Mecca.

According to Islam each individual is born uncontaminated. The Holy Quran of Muslims tells people that God has provided human beings with a choice among good and evil as well as to seek God's delight through prayer, faith and charity. It also believes that Allah formed mankind in His own image and by instilling his attributes on a human being level mankind can accomplish His closeness. The foremost message of this faith is to pay reverence to God and to treat all his creation with compassion and kindness. In this Holy Book the rights orphans, parents in old age along with the needy are evidently stated. While talking about women's rights then these were also protected 1,400 years ago when the rest of the planet was in total gloom about liberation. Islamic teachings include each conceivable situation as well as its principles and rules are in fact widespread.

In this universal belief virtue does not signify forsaking the gifts of nature that are legitimate. In contrast one has been encouraged to lead an active, healthy life with the virtues of chastity, kindness, mercy, honesty, bravery, endurance and politeness. In short, this religion has an ideal and absolute code for the supervision of individuals as well as communities alike. As the whole message of Muslim religion is evolved from the Holy Quran and definitely the Hadith and Sunnah it is incontrovertible in the face of transformation in time as well as place.

The religion also teaches that the trail leading to spiritual growth is open to every human being. Through sincere as well as earnest worship, anyone who seeks out One Creator can find nearness to God. It is the best way to establish an association with the Almighty. This optimistic and enlightening message for human race fills out hearts with courage and hope.

At the present time, there are more than 1.5 billion Muslims living globally and forming the majority in above 50 nations of the world. At present, it has become the fastest growing belief in the whole world and its beautiful message is enlightening millions of devotees in the far-flung areas of the earth.