Buddhist Pilgrimages in India

In India and all across the globe, there are a great number of destinations playing important role in escalating Buddhist tourism. Buddhism is one of the major religions, which is flourishing in India from many years. Between 5th century BC and 12th century AD, India was soaked deeply in the charm of Buddhism and from India, Buddhism sprouted in many other parts of the world.

Within a short time period, Buddhism spread very speedily all over the world including India. The worshippers of Mahatma Buddha framed many beautiful stupas and monasteries in the remembrance of Buddha. In the year 1840, the archeology revealed the enormous impact of Buddhist iconography, art and architecture in India. The place where Lord Buddha took birth and attained the supreme knowledge is visited by millions of worshippers every year. This goes together with a number of other destinations that symbolizes the influence of Buddhism all over the Indian sub-continent.