Ramana Maharshi Ashram

Ramana Maharshi Ashram

The small town of Tiruvanamalai is located on the Villupuram-Katpadi branch line of railway station and 195 km from southwest of Chennai. A large open courtyard, shady trees, mesmerizing gardens give this ashram the serenity that all of us desire for. Feel the sense of tranquility and a soothing comfort once you enter the Ashram.


  • Founded by - Ramana Maharshi
  • Location - Tiruvanamalai, Chennai

Tiruvanamalai, the small town, popular among the devotees of Hinduism for the spectacular Arunachaleswara temple. Equally popular are the various Ashrams located across the Town, founded by Saints of Indian origin or by those visited here from abroad and got attracted to the principles of Hinduism. Most significant among all the Ashrams is Ramana Maharishi Ashram, founded by the great ascetic Ramana Maharishi. The serenely tranquil ambience itself heels many souls.

About Ramana Maharishi

Ramana Maharishi was born as Venkataraman in Tiruchuli in year 1879. He was an average child and at the tender age he heard the name of Tiruvanamalai from an old relative and was deeply attached to it. Then he read some stories based on the lives of Saiva saints and developed an aspiration to give up the world and move on the path of spirituality. Therefore, he started his life as one of the great saints of India, Sri Ramana Maharishi.

History Of Ashram

Sri Ramana Ashram is also named as Sri Ramanashramam was originally the abode of modern saint and Advaita Vedanta philosopher, Ramana Maharishi. It is said that the maharishi used to live in a cave, but with the increasing number of devotees every day, the cave became too small to accommodate so many people. So, he went to Skandasraman, a higher mountain side. He died in 1950 at this place. Later, his brother, Sri Niranjanananda Swami began the construction of Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashram at his burial place

About Ashram

The huge ashram is flanked by many trees and gives a soothing look to eyes. The architecture of ashram is based on Dravidian style, new hall, Matrubhuteshwara temple, Sri Maharishi’s Samadhi, Old hall are some of the major parts of the place.

How To Reach Ramana Maharishi Ashram?

Air :Chennai airport is the closest airport, which is located at a distance of 250 kms

Train :Sri Ramana ashram has no direct rail services because it falls on Villupuram-Katpadi branch line of Southern railway.

Road :One can take auto or taxi services between Tiruvanamalai and Chennai.

Ashrams in India are the ideal destinations for those who wish to attain peace and look for a spiritual way of life.