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Our archive of newsletters from 2008-10 can be viewed below. We are no longer sending out newsletter in this form, and future mail outs will be plain text only.


Click here for the May 2010 Newsletter...

In this month’s newsletter we focus on India’s wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. We cover some of the best places in India for wildlife enthusiasts to take that trip-of-a-lifetime - an intrepid safari to observe not only the vast variety of Indian wildlife, but also some of the more elusive animals of India. We also cover in depth the national parks with which have the best opportunity to see the majestic Royal Bengal tiger in the wild.


Click here for the February 2010 Newsletter...

Our first newsletter for 2010 focuses on the southern state of Karnataka, a typically diverse and enthralling region of India with a rich and fascinating history and culture.


Click here for the November 2009 Newsletter...

In this month’s newsletter we are focussing on the very best ‘hidden treasures’ of India’s most colourful and vibrant state, Rajasthan. A recent trip there by members of our team unearthed some new destinations of such high quality and interest that we couldn’t wait to share them with you.


Click here for the August 2009 Newsletter...

We are featuring Tamil Nadu of South India. Tamil Nadu offers a range of fascinating destinations - cultural, historical, spiritual and wilderness experiences are all to be had in the state.

Tamil Nadu is where Indian Panorama had its origins, so we know this part of India particularly well and love to share the wonders of our home state with visitors.


Click here for the June 2009 Newsletter...

We are featuring Rajasthan, one of the most popular and diverse destinations in India.

You’ll find suggested itineraries, information on cities of Rajasthan, special places to stay and also some of our favourite lesser known destinations.


Click here for the April 2009 Newsletter...

You’ll find information and some suggested itineraries for Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kashmir/Ladakh. While most people prefer to visit this region in spring and summer, most places remain accessible year round, and winter in the mountains is, of course, a very picturesque time of year.


Click here for the February 2009 Newsletter...

This month you’ll find information and some suggested itineraries for West Bengal, Sikkim and further into the slightly mysterious north east corner of India.


Click here for the November 2008 Newsletter...

In this instalment we are aiming to share some of our favourite places in Kerala with you, as well as giving you our tips on how to make the most of your time there.


Click here for the September 2008 Newsletter...

In this month featuring Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India; and Gujarat, one of the most rewarding of all destinations in India, but one which is little visited by tourists.