Pokhara - Indian Panorama

The birthplace of Buddha and lap of Himalayas is a place of Nirvana where one can set one's soul alpas, giving away materialistic thoughts. The land is full of ancient stupas and is more than 2000 years old. No wonder this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The second-largest city of Nepal is famous for its picturesque waters, serene snow-capped mountains, friendly atmosphere, and is known as the tourist capital of Nepal. This metropolitan city is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Located at a height of 900 meters, Pokhara is one of the highest cities and is cut by Seti Gandaki River making the geographical features more unique. The indigenous mix of caves and gorges within city limits make it a worthwhile spot of tourist attraction.

The Annapurna ranges famous for trekking trails belong to this region and acts as an imposing defensive fence. Lakeside Pokhara and Old City are two portions of this emphatic City. The former borders the serene squares while the latter covers the commercially active squares. The reflection of the majestic mountains on the Phewa Lake makes it a suitable point for photography. As a Gateway to the Himalayas, this photogenic spot is full of grace, charm, and exotic cafes. A perfect place to buy handicrafts, woolen work, and woodwork. The Tibetian Mini Market is the spot when you have souvenirs on your mind. The erstwhile trade route of India and China became a tourist spot after the construction of Siddhartha Highway. Traditional Tibetian Jewellery and Trinkets available in Pokhara are a rare piece of collectibles to buy-in Pokhara.