Lumbini - Indian Panorama

The birthplace of Buddha and lap of Himalayas is a place of Nirvana where one can set one's soul alpas, giving away materialistic thoughts. The land is full of ancient stupas and is more than 2000 years old. No wonder this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pilgrims and everyday travelers ascend to this territory from all over the world to learn the detailed scriptures of Buddhism, meditate in tranquility, and practice Yoga. Lumbini has a character that creates inner peace in a person and makes him lovely. In fact, “Lumbini” means “Lovely” in the Sanskrit language. Lumbini unveils the artistic qualities of a person with its stupas, murals, paintings, and inexpressible facades.

The Mayadevi Temple is a must-visit spot where Buddha was born to Queen Mayadevi and King Suddhodhana of Kapilavastu. Closer to this spot is the Bodhi tree where Buddha’s Mother had rested for a while before giving birth to one of the timeless human beings. The Pushkarini Pond is a sacred spot inside the Lumbini Garden where the Holy Mother had dipped before Buddha came to this world. The Ashoka Stupa belonging to 249 B.C. is an important place of attraction next to places narrating the life and birth of Lord Buddha.