Chitwan - Indian Panorama

The fifth-largest city of Nepal is famous for its thrilling wildlife and the distinct culture. A place to go on jungle safaris, spot rare animals, watch colorful avian population, and spot the One-Horned Rhino too.

Inhabited by the Tharu people, the fast current of the Rivers are used for Kayaking, Canoeing, and Water Rafting. One can observe the lifestyle of the locals and can visit the Devghat Dam, Ganeshthan, Harihar Mandir, and Bikram Baba temples. If a traveler is a looking for adventure in Nepal, the place they have to go is Chitwan. Bish Hajari or the 20,000 lake is a place to visit for the birdwatchers for its serenity.

The cultural program organized in Sauraha and Meghaul by the Tharu people for tourists involves Ago Nach (Fire Dance), Danda Nach (Stick Dance), and Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance). A thrilling tower stays at night in the middle of Chitwan National Park is for the brave hearts. Similarly, Ox-cart rides through villages to explore the lifestyle of Tharu people is a must-do activity along with Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail. The people are so friendly, they invite guests to their homes and treat them with good food and accomodation. One can explore Gurung Village, get blessings from Jalbire Temple, and connect with raw nature in Lamo Jharana Waterfall.