Bundi Palace

Bundi Palace

History of bundi and town of Bundi is a remarkable, much acclaimed for its beautiful paintings and murals. Bundi palace history and this splendid town of Bundi is located 36km from Kota and lies 206km far from Jaipur.

The city dwell near a narrow gorge, and is surrounded by the Aravalli Ranges from three sides. A substantial wall with four gateways encircles the beauty of this remarkable city.

In the center of the township lies a mesmerizing lake and a medieval fortress that stand tough on the ravages of time. Bundi palace history is admired for its baolis (step wells), palaces as well as water tanks.

The monuments of this place and their structural design portray the magnificence of the erstwhile local Rajput chiefs. Amongst the Forts and Palaces in Bundi,a leading name is that of Bundi Palace,Bundi.

Bundi palace history

One of the oldest city in Rajasthan is bundi, which is 1000 years old. Bundi came under the control of Rajputs via war in 14th century,who ruled till 2009. Bundi became a flourishing city of Rajasthan, because of Rajput rulers who had a great political sense and had a friendly ties with Mughals, British and Government of India.

Bundi palace history gets emerged because of Ratan Singh, who was a famous ruler of Bundi, who close ally of Mughal emperor Jahangir. Bundi palace history is still remarkable because of Rajputs kings

Bundi palace is famous for its rich heritage. Bundi palace is the most popular attractions of Bundi in Rajasthan. Bundi palace was built by Rao Raja Ratan Singh (king of Rajput ruler) between 1607 A.D. to 1631 A.D.

Location of Bundi palace : The Bundi Palace, Bundi, Rajasthan, India is situated adjacent to the Taragarh Fort. This outstanding palace, built during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is classic Rajasthani architecture.

Way to Reach

By Air : Nearest airport is Jaipur.By Rail: Train links are from Kota, Agra and many other cities.

By Road :Bundi is approachable by road from Kota (40 km), Jaipur (206) and many other cities.