Ajmer region

Surrounded by the spectacular Aravalli Mountains

The Ajmer region is beautiful as it is surrounded by mountains on three sides.The city of Ajmer gives its name to the Ajmer district, and also to a former province of British India called Ajmer-Merwara, which, after India's independence, became the state of Ajmer. On November 1, 1956, it was merged into Rajasthan state.Ajmer itself was founded in the 7th Century and here the Chauhan Dynasty flourished.Today Ajmer is important as the resting place of the great Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin and Muslims from all over the world come here to worship.When visiting Ajmer do not miss the beautiful Adhai-din-ka Jhopra with its ornate calligraphic inscriptions.The other areas of interest are the Taragarh Fort and Ana sagar Lake with its marble Pavilions.Roopangarh Fort, located in the Ajmer region is a 350 year old Fort that has been painstakingly restored and it is well worth the visit.Pushkar can also be visited when staying in the Ajmer region.

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Ajmer region

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