Luxury Train Packages - Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

A luxurious journey for 7 Nights / 8 Days commencing on every Sunday in Royal Rajasthan on Wheels which takes you through the wonderful palaces and monuments of India.

Inspiring rail travel experiences with warmest and luxurious hospitality services which comes with the state-of-the-art features for ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for its guests, the train offers services such as Spa, Gym, Electronic Safe, Individual Climate Control for each cabin, Public Address system, Wi-Fi and dedicated services of a personal attendant.

Comfy well organised off train tours in a very clean and comfortable air-conditioned coaches and resuming the tour back in designed based on the legacy of Rajasthan take the guests back to the regally golden age.

The very start is from Delhi’s imposing Safturjang Station, where a red-carpet welcome will be arranged with the people dressed in traditional attire. The welcoming ceremony starts with an Aarti and Tika, and garlanding the guests marks the colourful commencement of the journey.

Excellent delicacies, a mix of Indian & western choices are served in a quite nice and spacious restaurant adds bundles of merriments to your journey.

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Day 1 - Delhi

Delhi is a place with a right blend of modernity and tradition tinted in its huge monuments and mausoleum with skyscrapers and shopping malls dotted across the city. One can easily mingle with the culture and color of Delhi as the city enchants everyone with its elegance.

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Day 2 - Jodhpur

Located in the unadorned landscape of the Thar desert, Jodhpur is renowned tourist destination preferred for its Forts and palaces. The city is otherwise called as Sun City for its sunny weather round the year and Blue City for the prominent colours of the buildings across the city. The panoramic view of the Jodhpur city can be enjoyed from the Mehrangarh Fort. Umaid Bahwan palace, Jaswant Tada, Mandaleshwar Mahadev Temple are some of the other iconic places to visit in Jodhpur.

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Day 3 - Palitana

World’s largest number of temples atop a hill can be visited in Palitana, the sacred place of Jains, which should be visited by every Jain devout at least once in his lifetime. Palitana is in the state of Gujarat, with more than 900 temples built over nine centuries starting from 11th century onwards. The ivory structures built in marbles speak the tradition and culture of the Jainism practiced over many centuries. Palitana is also the world’s only city declared as legally vegetarian.

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Day 4 - Sasan Gir (Somnath)

The renowned habitat for the Asiatic Lions is the Sasan Gir which is also suitable for Bird Watching. The interactions with the Guide accompanying you during the safari in the wildlife sanctuary will make your visit a value added one. One of the twelve jyotirlinga temples is situated in Somnath which has been renovated several times after being demolished by the invaders. Witnessing the setting sun washing away the corners of the Somnath temple with its golden hues will be a hilarious experience.

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Day 5 - Little Rann of Kutch

The scenic white desert, Little Rann of Kutch is one of the significant tourist attractions of the world. While enjoying the jeep safari in the desert, the visit to the Wild Ass Sanctuary will be a perfect one to watch the huge number of Indian Wild Asses. It will be amazing to watch the exquisite variety of birds as well.

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Day 6 - Modhera, Patan

The fortified town known for its forts, palaces and temples is Patan which is also a renowned World Heritage Site. The Sun God temple at Modhera along with the 108 shrines which are the elegant architectural wonders, the 11th century step well, Rani-Ki-Vav are the places a tourist must not afford to miss in Modhera.

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Day 7 - Nashik

Visit one of the ancient cities of India famously known for the largest wine producer of the country. Witness the elaborate Hindu Rituals performed along the ghats of the Godhavari river. Roam around the local market where you can buy anything and everything. Tasting some of the wonderful sparkling wines will be the finest part of your visit to Nashik.

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Day 8 - Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India. it is a cosmopolitan city with diverse culture and tradition, food and festivals. Mumbai is the origin of Indian Cinema. It is also called as City of Seven islands and Gateway of India.