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Indian Splendour

The alluring beauty of Rajasthan can be well explored in this 8 Days / 7 Nights tour in Maharajas Express. The awe inspiring Taj Mahal, the wonderful woods of the Ranthambore Sanctuary and much more to follow. Enjoy the regal heritage of Rajasthan in the magnificent forts and palaces spotted across the state.

Get an unforgettable experience in the aesthetically designed Maharajas Express during your journey through the Royal land of Rajasthan. The unparalleled sophistication in the salons promises you an ecstatic experience.

Savor every bit of your journey through the panoramic windows when you travel through the cities. The comfy design of the coaches and the world class services offered by the crew onboard never disappoint any traveler. Most importantly, Maharajas Express houses luxurious SPA, elegantly decorated two dining halls, safari bar with the choicest range of wines to complement the sumptuous delicacies.

Get your time off in Maharajas Express for a world class experience of Regal standards and the awe-inspiring moments cherished forever.

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Day 1 - Delhi

The capital of the country, Delhi, a most wanted tourist destination. With magnificent monuments, temples, Delhi claims its ethnicity. At the same time, Delhi is viewed as an ultra-modern city for its multicultural living environment with utmost sophisticated skyscrapers and shopping zones.

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Day 2 - Agra

A tourist destination which has never disappointed its visitor. The gleaming beauty of the mausoleum built by a Mughal Emperor in memory of his wife is admired by people across the globe for its elegant architecture. A view of the Taj Mahal reflecting on River Yamuna after sunset, is a moment to be revered and cherished forever.

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Day 3 - Ranthambore

Ranthambore, the destination of wild life photographers and nature lovers. The gamut of species and animals, the verdant greenery tempt you to explore more. It is quite common to see tigers moving around even during day time. Your visit to Ranthambore will be a priceless one and worthy enough for your entire life.

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Day 4 - Jaipur

Jaipur, also called as Pink City owing to the trademark color of the buildings. The magnificent forts and palaces enchant you with their grandeur and beauty. Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar are the iconic landmarks of Jaipur. City Palace, a classic architecture, the erstwhile regal residence is at the exact center of the city surrounded by gardens, museums and courtyards.

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Day 5 - Bikaner

Surrounded by Thar Desert, Bikaner is an ideal place for the camel safari in sand dunes. The ancient forts and the museums inside portray the life and culture of the yesteryears’ Rajput Kingdoms. The rich heritage of Rajasthan can be well explored in the intricate painting and other artforms prevailing in this city

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Day 6 - Jodhpur

City looks as if painted in Blue, Jodhpur, has majority of buildings glowing in blue color. The Mehrangarh fort at the outcrop of the rock presents you the Rajput style of huge halls and pillars. World’s largest private residence, Umaid Bahwan Palace is yet another huge complex to go around.

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Day 7 - Udaipur

Renowned as City of Lakes, Udaipur is an attractive tourist destination flocked by tourists all through the year. The City palace is the huge structure in Udaipur which houses eleven palaces with intricately designed halls, pillars and paintings. The palace is worth paying a visit for its interiors and the gardens making the place more pleasant.

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Day 8 - Balasinor

Balasinor is yet another popular tourist destination attracting visitors round the year. This is a small village that has kept intact the old-world charm. Balasinor. The renowned Ambaji temple, the Fossil park acclaimed as India’s Jurassic park, the gushing hot Sulphur spring Timba Tuva and the UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site Champaner are the reasons making everyone visit Balasinor.

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Day 9 - Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India. it is cosmopolitan city with diverse culture and tradition, food and festivals. Mumbai is the origin of Indian Cinema. It is also called as City of Seven islands and Gateway of India.