When to travel

Climatic conditions

The climatic conditions of India decide the best time to visit this wonderful land. India has three seasons- summer, rainy and winter season and every season can be different in duration from south to north. Generally, the pleasant time to visit India depends upon the destination you want to visit and the range of temperature in that particular region.

October to March is the peak season for visitors in India. It is the time when most of the country experiences moderate temperature and pleasant weather. Another reason to visit India in these months is the celebration period in India. The renowned festivals of India like Diwali, Dussehra, and Durga Puja are celebrated in these months. Also grand fairs like Pushkar fair in Rajasthan takes place in the month of November. In March, the festival of colors-Holi falls and other carnivals that are rejoiced in vibrant Indian colors.

The season of summer starts in the month of April and extends till the starting of October. The heat peaks in the months of June-July when temperature soars up to 46 ° C and visitors must avoid this time to explore India. The season of summer is quite uncomfortable, but visitors can hit places like Nainital and Manali. This season is also the best time to explore the beauty of affluent wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India.

Arrival of monsoon also begins in the initial weeks of June. Moisture enveloped winds sweep up the country and bring sigh of relief from the scorching sun. The rainy season brings some relief from the baking heat of summer. Goa, Ladakh and Leh are some of the most visited destinations of this season.

The beginning of spine-chilling cold waves takes place in the months of December-January. The temperature could drop down below 4° C, but the maximum temperature does not dip below than 12° C. Winter is the time to hit tranquil Indian beaches. Visiting Rajasthan in winter is the best idea. If you like to go for skiing, then shun winter season due to heavy snowfall.

So, visit India and experience the richness of true and fascinating culture.