Realtime Customer Review


9th Dec 2023 08:49:23 AM


Driver is very good

Customer Name: Mr. Anant Khandagle(Sri Lanka)

9th Dec 2023 08:17:07 AM


thank you for your warm hospitality

Customer Name: Ms. Pavithra Soundrasingh(Sri Lanka)

9th Dec 2023 08:15:24 AM


Very supportive.

Customer Name: Mr. Jan Still(South Africa)

9th Dec 2023 06:10:18 AM


all good,Shashi driver was excellent and very much helpfull.

Customer Name: Mr. Mahadhan AgriTech Limited(India)

8th Dec 2023 22:22:47 PM


Excellent driver

Customer Name: Mr. ROMANO RODRICKS(India)

8th Dec 2023 19:02:47 PM


Very good experience

Customer Name: Mr. Tushar(Canada)

8th Dec 2023 18:20:48 PM


Simon is very good...nice person 🥰🥰🥰

Customer Name: . HHKS231123(India)

8th Dec 2023 16:56:48 PM


Srinivasan is an excellent driver and guide. we had a wonderful time in Trivandrum with him taking us everywhere. I am totally impressed by his service and will surely want to send my family and friends. here. Thank you once again

Customer Name: Mr. Ayush Gupta(India)

8th Dec 2023 16:43:23 PM


vehicle was clean and neat, the driver very good personality and guide tben make a good photography.iwould like to travel with him again. thank you riyas bayya make awonderful trip

Customer Name: Ms. Jayanthi TEOW(Australia)

8th Dec 2023 16:26:35 PM


shiva was a safe driver.