Travel to Kerala

Travel to Kerala

Crystal clear backwaters, pristine forests, magnificent mountains and breezy cliffs are what makes Kerala the best holiday destination for groups. The beauty of this place stands unrivalled by any other place in the country and is the reason why it is known as God’s own country.

Travel To Kerala

The mystifying mountains clad in fluffy clouds taken together with the relaxing Ayurvedic therapy gives a serene and calm feel to the mind. The luxurious houseboats, the dreamy resorts and homestays makes Kerala a truly magical place to visit.

High Lights :

A holiday across Kerala will fill your mind to the brim with memories. You can enjoy the vacation with no worries of safety or other issues. If you are traveling with a group you get to meet different people who in the end become the best of friends and whom you will be thinking of when you plan another trip.

You won’t get bored of loneliness and have plenty of stuff to share around. Traveling in a group is usually cost effective given the number of people traveling with you. You can be double sure of your safety concern as usually in a group people tend to car for each other.

If you are lucky you might find someone in your group who is a great cook and whip up wonders from nothing, so to say you won’t go hungry. Group photos are usually fun especially when you are travelling with friends. Kerala is comprised of a lot of mountains. Hence, such trips are usually fun as you trek or hike since you will be having a lot to time to spare and talk about.

Places To Go :

With scenic hills, milky waterfalls, sprawling carpet of tea and spice plantations, Kerala offers the joyous vacation for a group travel. You can travel to the beautiful Munnar where you can liven up among the hills of the Western Ghats and go on a trip to any of the wildlife reserves. You can go on jungle boat cruises at Thekkady where you can enjoy the wildlife.

Houseboat in Alappuzha is a truly enhancing experience where you get to have an entire boat for you and your group and enjoy the serene backwaters with a lip-smacking cuisine. You can visit the beaches of Kovalam and Varkala which are famous tourist hotspots and a favorite for groups.