Travel To Central India

Travel To Central India

Central part of India sparkles with the same wonder as of the rest of India; maybe even more. The topographical location of this region in the vast spread of India makes for an ideal place to tour around in a group.

Travel To Central India

With the two states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, central India is more than a handful for tourists in groups. Filled with the colorful gala of festivities, rich historical heritage and temples, this region makes for a wonderful travel destination.

High Lights :

Travelling to central India with your group is sure to make it a wonderful trip. Firstly, you get to have a great time with people than if you are alone. You get to savor on a variety of food types and share in the costs that occur.

As you travel with your pack, you can blend in easily and not feel like a stranger in a strange land, helpless. As you travel with a group, you will have a lot less responsibility than when you travel solo. You can bravely venture into any off-beaten place which you have to avoid if you are traveling alone.You can haggle at shops, try out the local cuisines or get to go on things you have avoided before in a group travel.

Places To Go :

Sign up for a group trip around central India as you can join with like-minded people and guides who prove to give you a great time in your vacation. You can start off by hitting the region’s historic wonders like Orcha where you can find ancient temples and palaces that rise out of the forests.

Visit Kajuraho temples that are known for their exquisite carvings. The land of central India is filled mostly with local villages that offer a nice insight into rural lifestyle. Visit Bhoramdeo where a temple complex that belongs to the 11th century sits near a lake in a village.

If you get bored, you can try out the forest reserves in the region like Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park and the Pench National Park. Interacting with the locals is a great way to get a lot of insight into the places that are not haunted much by tourists or of the great flavor of the local cuisine