Nature & Wildlife


India's land, festivals, and culture, its magnificent forts, temples, bustling cities, and serene beaches cater to every type of traveler remaining undeniably beautiful, but the wild animals and nature of India possess an even greater beauty. With lush forests, snow-capped mountains, glistening rivers, and breathtaking valleys, has inspired poets, artists, and writers for centuries.

The geographical location of India, bordered by the Himalayas, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal has the greatest hand in highlighting the natural beauty of India. The varied topography of the country provides a habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna, including unique and rare species. India is a paradise for nature lovers. From the golden fields of sunflowers in Punjab to the lush tea plantations in Darjeeling and the blooming cherry blossoms in Himachal Pradesh, India's natural wonders are truly captivating.

India has also got a bunch of natural goodies like minerals, forests, and water bodies. Its numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries showcase the country's rich biodiversity. From the iconic one-horned rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park to the majestic Bengal tigers in Ranthambore National Park, these protected areas not only preserve India's natural beauty but also provide vital habitats for endangered species.

When considering wildlife in India, the majestic Royal Bengal tiger immediately comes to mind. This iconic animal, known for its striking appearance and powerful presence, can be predominantly found in the forests of central and northern India. Symbolizing strength and resilience, the Royal Bengal tiger holds the prestigious title of being the national animal of India.

The national bird, the peacock, is just one of the 1,300 bird species found in India. From the majestic Indian hornbill to the iconic Indian cobra, the country is teeming with intriguing wildlife. If you love nature, wildlife photography, or simply appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, India's wildlife has something amazing to offer.