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Trichy, one of the ancient cities in Tamil Nadu, is a famous city, with a blend of the modern day stand and the ancient glory claimed through the famous temples, is a tourist and commercial hub in Tamil Nadu. Another ancient city located at a distance of 59 kilometers from Trichy is Tanjavur, the citadel of the Chola Empire.


Day Tour - Trichy – Tanjore

The city of tanjavur got its name from the demon, ‘Tanjan’ whose last wish was that the city be named after him before being killed by Lord Vishnu. Tanjavur is home to one of the mightiest temples in Tamil Nadu, the Brihadisvara temple which was built by King Raja Raja Chola over a thousand years ago. This temple is a world heritage site and a hub for historians because of its beautifully structured tower.Near to the Brihadisvara temple lies the Maratha Darbar Hall which housed two very different reigns, the Nayaks and the Marathas. This Palace was built by the Nayaks and later enhanced during the rule of the Marathas.

The palace was built as a haven during war time and it can be noticed that this palace is slightly different from other palaces found over the region. Throughout the year art connoisseurs and history buffs flock to this place as you will find the interiors of the place filled with the famed Tanjavur art paintings.

As you take a stroll along the city you will come across the much famed ‘Thanjavur Thalaiyatti Bommai’. Dolls which are made of Terracotta whose head or body when pushed keeps oscillating for a long period of time. Later in the evening you can take a stroll along the Sivaganga Park which is an ideal spot for kids and adults to unwind. This park offers a splendid finish to your day at Tanjavur.

After the day is over you can head back to Trichy and enjoy the roadside shops along the Theppakullam area or unwind your day back at your hotel room.