Mahabalipuram – Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram Indian Panorama

A day tour from the beach side town Mahabalipuram to the temple city Kanchipuram will be kindling your interest to explore deep into the rich tradition and history of Tamil Nadu. The monuments dating back to the 7th century Pallava dynasty in Mahabalipuram are recognized as Group of monuments under UNESCO.


Day Tour - Mahabalipuram – Kanchipuram

The monuments found in varying degrees of completion constructed during the different periods of the Pallava dynasty are grouped under different categories as Ratha Temples, Rock Reliefs, huge halls called as Manadpas and lot more. Out of all , the most significant is the Arjuna’s penance, which is the largest monolithic structure made of rock is a stunningly wonderful architecture.

You have lot more to explore in Mahabalipuram with a leisure walk along the beach side and a refreshment in the nearby sea food restaurants. Continue your drive to Kanchipuram which is at a distance of 70kms from Mahabalipuram which can be reached in a less than two hours’ drive.

Kanchipuram is a temple city renowned for its number of temples having Lord Vishnu as the prominently worshipped God and also do exist temples for Lord Shiva.The most popular temples are Varadharajar temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, Kailasanathar temple. Another important shrine in the Kanchipuram city is the Kamakshi Amman Temple where Goddess Kamakshi is the presiding deity. This is the only temple in Tamil Nadu and probably in other states also that the presiding female deity is in the sitting posture of Padmasana, a popular yogic posture. Nearby the temple is the Hindu Monastery called Sankara Mutt.

Kanchipuram is world renowned for the silk sarees. From across India, women throng the city to purchase the silk sarees round the year and especially during seasons of festival and marriage. The weavers of Kanchipuram use the handlooms to bring in the magical combinations of colors in the silk sarees attracting people around the country and the world.

The weavers’ society in Kanchipuram deserves a visit where you can witness the making of a silk saree and the dying units as live sessions. After visiting the interesting locations in Kanchipuram, drive back to Mahabalipuram for a relaxing session along beach side or opt to retire at hotel for overnight stay.