Madurai – Rameswaram – Madurai - Indian Panorama

A one day tour between Madurai and Rameswaram will give you an insight on the rich tradition and heritage of the two places. Start early in the morning from Madurai to reach Rameswaram which will take approximately three hours. Madurai, the most renowned city in southern part of Tamil Nadu is acclaimed as the city with the longest surviving civilization and cultural practices.


Day Tour - Madurai – Rameswaram

Madurai is also called as the “sleepless city” as the city is vibrantly live round the clock with its bustling markets and other shopping areas. Madurai is most popular for the grandest Meenakshi Amman Temple with Lord Shiva in the name of Sundareswarar and His consort Meenakshi Amman, blessing His devotees.

It will be surprising to know that the entire city of Madurai is around the temple with the sanctum of Goddess Meenakshi as the epicenter.Rameswaram which can be reached in a three hours’ drive from Madurai is an important pilgrim center in Hinduism.

As per the epics in Hinduism, the Linga idol present in the sanctum of the Rameswaram temple was made by Lord Rama after his victory over the demon king Ravan during the Ramayana period. To get over the sin of having killed the Monkey King Vaali, Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva here at Rameswaram.

The linga idol made of sand was used for the Pooja and it is believed that even today the same idol is maintained. The temple witnesses thousands of devotees every day and especially during the no moon days, the number increases more than few lakhs. Ramanatha swamy temple in Rameswaram is a sea shore temple. After having a sacred bath in the sea, people proceed to worship the Lord. The visitors will be surprised to know that the Rameswaram temple has the world’s longest corridor.

After visiting the historic temple at Rameswaram, drive back to Madurai.