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A trip to Mysore is usually enjoyed by tourists when in Bangalore. Mysore is at a distance of 145 kilometers from Bangalore which is the capital city of Karnataka and the IT hub of India. Bangalore has many gardens that would make your soul relaxed. Mysore, the Heritage Kingdom of Karnataka is sure to make you feel mesmerized with its palaces, gardens and museums.


Day Tour - Bangalore – Mysore

One of the most prominent tourist attraction in Mysore is the Palace of Tipu Sultan, also popularly called as the ‘Mysore Palace’. The palace is also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, displays Indo-Saracenic architectural style of structure. The palace that stands now is the one built after the original palace, made of wood, was destroyed in a fire. The present palace which is converted into a museum holds one of the country’s most precious possessions, the throne of the Wodeyar Maharaja of the Mysore Kingdom. A display of Raja Ravi Verma’s painting of the 8 incarnations of Goddess Shakti is present in the palace.

Another crown to the Mighty Mysore is the Chamundeshwari temple, perched high atop a hill is a stunning tribute to Goddess Durga in her fiercest form. Even if you are not much of a religious person, a visit to the temple would show you the awe-inspiring construction of the temple.

One of Mysore’s most relaxing tourist location is the Brindavan Gardens. The garden offers one to take a boat ride or sit down and immerse yourself in the beauty of the fountain shows that take place. To top it all up, a trip to the Mysore Zoo will make your day full. A visit to this place will satisfy your desire of visiting a wildlife park for a long time.

Located near the Zoo, is the Karanji Lake which is a paradise for anyone who is in a search for peace. You can take a stroll along the Lake or take a boat ride and enjoy in the most blissful boat ride you can ever have.

After spending your time in Mysore, taking a trip back to Bangalore to indulge into the hustle and bustle of the city’s markets and restaurants to wind up all the sights of Mysore.