Bangalore – Grover Vineyards Visit Bangalore

The city of Bengaluru, one of India’s most urbanized and developed cities is blessed with a splendorous climate, drinking, dining and shopping. The city has a mixture of people from all parts of the country making it a blend of culture and tradition. The lovely parks, beautiful architecture and age old buildings make Bangalore one of the most prominent place for tourists.


Day Tour - Bangalore – Grover Vineyards Visit

Situated at a distance of 9 kilometers from Bangalore, Grover Vineyard is spread over a 400 acres of land. It is the only winery in India which has a world famous winemaker, Michel Rolland, as a consultant. Grover Vineyards has been selling wine globally since the year 2001.

One of the reason why the company produces a world famous wine is that they use French Grapes instead of the ordinary ones used by other Winery in India.They also guide you to the process of wine making and a peek into their barrel rooms where the wine is stored.

The location of the Vineyard is also an amazing place for bird-watching too. If you carry a pair of binoculars, you might catch a glimpse of the Bulbuls, Eagles, Asian Paradise Flycatchers and Thrushers.You can easily spend away an entire day at Grover Vineyards. In the evening you can get back into the city for some shopping or relax the reminder of your day savoring the excitement of the day with Grover’s wine.