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We all know India has some of the most beautiful architectural wonders of the World. Gigantic Forts, Palaces, ancient temples and what not? The forts and palaces of Rajasthan in North India are something even the modern architects can just dream of. However, 90% of the travel community are unaware of certain gems located down […]

India is a land of hundreds of thousands of temples. It is the ultimate destination for you to seek answers to your raging spiritual questions. Hinduism has more than hundreds of Gods being worshipped by millions of people. The one that always amazed me is Lord Shiva, one among the three godheads of Hinduism along […]

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Friendly nature of the people Situated on the southernmost region of India is the four states that make up South India. It comprises of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Pondicherry and Karnataka. Often South Indians are praised for their welcoming nature. They are down to Earth and follow the famous Vedic saying “Atithi Devo […]

Hidden secrets in the Sri Padmanabha swamy temple The richest temple in the world, the Sri Padmanabha swamy temple located in Trivandrum in Kerala is a temple filled with mysteries and wonders. In recent years this temple has been the talk in news owing to the vast treasures that were found inside six vaults in […]

There are so many tourist attractions around the world, but Kerala is one such place that every tourist want to hit. Kerala receives swarms of visitors every year because unlike other tourist destinations that are seasonal, Kerala is a unique place that has something for every type of travelers and can be visited throughout the […]

The annual fiesta celebrated in a very pomp manner across India is the Festival of Lights called Diwali !! This is the religious festival icon of the country. As per the Hindu legends, Diwali is the day when the Demon King Naragasura was killed. To symbolize the victory of Good over the Evil, Diwali is […]

People of India India is home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilizations where life is proved to have existed many millennials ago. The best part of what makes visiting India a memorable one is its people. The people of India are the most warmest and hospitable people in the world. Indians are known to take […]

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Have you ever seen the picture of a God with a potbelly, long trunk and big years, having a small mouse as his vehicle in contrast to His hefty shape? Lord Ganesha, popularly called as Lord Vinayaka or Pillayar is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu Mythology. Lord Ganesh […]

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If you are looking to tour across places with heritage, greenery, monuments, culture and option to relax, then a trip to South India will provide you with that and much more exceeding your expectations. If you want to enjoy the traditional Indian cuisines and divulge in the festivities of the land pack up your bags […]

The recent rainfall and the floods in Kerala has left the state devastated. The monsoon promptly arrived in Kerala and brought rainfall to the extent beyond the imagination of any individual. The entire state was quarantined for nearly a fortnight due to the heavy rainfall, followed by the landslides and huge outflow of water from […]

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