Trongsa - Indian Panorama

Better say the Bhutanese military headquarters of the ancient times, Trongsa has served well for the Kingdom of Bhutan. Thanks to its strategic position. The city is located in the Central Bhutan area and is popular for The Trongsa Dzong. It is built over a steep ridge which stands high amidst deep valleys which surrounds it. For the same reason, it was strategically helpful in the past to monitor any enemy movements or threat. It is a tradition in Bhutan that before being the King, one has to serve as the governor here at this near 400 year old Trongsa Dzong or fortress.

Apart from the Trongsa Dzong, there is a museum which displays artifacts related to the history of the royal Wangchuk family of Bhutan. The museum structure once served as the watchtower of the Trongsa Dzong before being converted into a museum. The Chendebje Chorten and the Kuenga Rabten Palace are two of the other major attractions in Trongsa.