Paro - Indian Panorama

As soon as you land at the Paro International airport you would feel as if you have time travelled to a city 100 years ago. Fresh unpolluted air, lush mountains and the smiles all around would immediately arouse a sense of peace in you. Your ears would be literally at rest without the hustle and bustle of the cities you are normally used to.

Situated to the North Western part of Bhutan, Paro is considered as the gateway to this beautiful country for all the winged travellers across the globe. The only international airport in Bhutan is at Paro. At 2250 m above the sea level, the district of Paro spans across an area of 1259.5 sq kms and the total population being just over 12000 people.

In-spite of all the modern city developments carried out, Paro still maintains its rustic nature. You would find lush green paddies, isolated farms and hamlets which dots the city of Paro. So unlike a city it seems. The beautiful and colourful houses of the Paro Valley built in their traditional Bhutanese style reflects the rich culture of Bhutan. A stroll along the gorgeous pathways of Paro is the best way to appreciate its pristine beauty.

The city is home to gorgeous monasteries or Dzongs they call it, ginormous fortresses and mesmerizing mountain tops ideal for exciting hikes. The 5 day Paro Tsechu festival celebrated in the April month every year sees tens of thousands of people all across the globe flocking at Paro to take part in this grand cultural fiesta.

Speaking about the best places to visit in Paro, the list is huge. We recommend to make a visit to the Rinpung Dzong, hike the Tiger Nest monastery, explore the streets of Paro, drive to Chelela Pass, the highest motorable pass in Bhutan and if you happen to visit Paro during the Tsechu Festival, you are in for a grand cultural treat.