Haa - Town in Bhutan

One of the smallest among the 20 districts of Bhutan and the least visited, Haa is a hidden paradise. Head to the Haa valley to beat the crowd and have some quality time amidst the virgin hills of Bhutan. The forests are untouched, the mountains are lush green, air-unpolluted, people so welcoming, Haa has its own character.

The unique feature of the Haa landscape is the gorgeous Haa Valley. It is a picture perfect setting for some exciting hikes or treks which expose you to some breath taking views of the ginormous Mount Jhomolhari.You will come across a lot of nomadic Yak herders here, a chance to get to know their unique lifestyle and culture.

Also trying out the local cuisine of a destination is another way to dig deep into its rich culture and hence, do not miss the Haapi cuisine of Haa as well.The best way to experience Haa is by opting to stay in one of the local farmhouses and homestays. Take a stroll along its beautiful valleys, rice fields, potato farms, bite into some juicy apples, spend time with the farmers and lot more to do here.

If you are looking for a laid back holiday with your family or friends, mark Haa in your travel radar.