Rickshaw Ride In Old Delhi

The heart of Old Delhi lies in the area around Chandni Chowk, one of the oldest market areas in India and certainly one of the busiest.

To explore this area fully would take days, but a great way to get around and experience the vibrant atmosphere and array of sounds and sights on display is by traditional cycle - rickshaw.

Each rickshaw carries 2 people (locals squeeze several more in!) on a journey through impossibly small laneways and alleys. Everyone you pass has a smile or a wave to offer and while each day in Chandni Chowk is unique, you will certainly see a wide cross-section of Delhi society - traders, school children, family groups and itinerant travellers.

This activity will also expose you to the less pleasant side of Delhi with destitute people and the odd beggar likely to be part of the experience but in India’s capital this is another part of the cityscape which gives Delhi its unique flavor.