Historical Hyderabad

The capital of Telangana and the De Jure capital of the south Indian state Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad renowned for Biryani, Charminar and Laad Bazaar. Relics of the Mughal Dynasty and the Nizams are found everywhere in the city in the form of tombs and palace, Forts and Temples.The city is also known by the name Cyberabad owing to the drastic development of IT companies.

Declared for the first time as the “Best Heritage City of India”, Hyderabad, encompasses the modern residential communities and technology hubs and on the contrary the ancient minarets and tombs giving it a colour of versatility. The options for shopping in Hyderabad are aplenty. The world renowned laad bazaar is vast expanse for more than one kilometre with shops selling bangles, sarees and accessories. Tasting the delicious Mughal Biryani served in the Hyderabad restaurants is a never to be missed experience. Visit to the Charminar, Golconda Fort, the tombs and the temples take you the extra mile.

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Tremendous Tombs Of - Qutub Shahi

The tomb complex adjoining the fort complex of Golconda, first and only one of its kind in the world.

A huge complex comprising of 23 mosques, 6 baolis or the step wells, 40 mausoleums, and a place for mortuary bath called Hammam, the Qutub Shahi Tombs has the accolade of being the only one tomb complex in the world. Tombs of identical shapes have been constructed for the Kings, Queens and other members of the Royal Family over a period of Seven Generations.

The tomb complex has survived the ruins and renovations over the centuries and still attracts visitors for its wonderfully designed structures and the gardens maintained around every tomb. The entire complex is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India subsequent to the renovations done at a massive scale by the King Salar Jung III. Walking around the gardens and tombs will make everyone think on the lines of Philosophy and Life.

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Charismatic - Charminar

Hyderabad’s global icon and one of the most recognized structures of India is the Charminar.

The then place filled with mines from where very rare gems and diamonds were excavated, the City Hyderabad has a very long history for the past 500 years. The couplet written by the King Qutub Shah at the foundation laying ceremony of Charminar is still visible for us and it reads as “Fill this city of mine with people as, You filled the river with fishes O Lord”.

The four exquisitely designed four huge minarets, the magnificent mosque in the first floor with the unmatched interiors is what make Charminar a world renowned monument and is famously known as the De Triomphe of East. Except on Fridays between 12noon and 3pm for the prayers, the Charminar entertains its visitors round the year with its beauty and elegance. The panoramic view of the Hyderabad city from the top of the Charminar is not to be missed out for the world!

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Majestic - Mecca Masjid

The splendid pagoda, grandest and second largest of all the mosques in India is the Mecca Masjid. A must - see monument for its grandeur and grace.

Built during the 16th century, the Mecca Masjid is the geographical centre of the city Hyderabad, portraying the Islamic Architecture. The prayer hall so huge that it can accommodate 10,000 people at a time for worshipping. The three wonderfully designed facades of the masjid made of a single granite stone, make spellbound with their intricate designs and grandeur.

The huge halls, magnificent minarets, the graves of the Royal family and the wonderful facades make your visit to Mecca Masjid a very memorable one. The mosque is open to visitors from 8am to 5.30 pm on all days.

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Seamless - Salar Jung Museum

The largest museum in the world with one - man collection of antiques dating back to the first century CE.

Acclaimed as one of the three National Museums in India, Salar Jung museum is situated in the southern bank of the Musi River. The 38 galleries in the two floors of this massive building have many historic artefacts in display collected by Salar Jung III. The daggers of the Aurangzeb, Jahangir and Shajahan, Jaded Jewelleries, the world renowned veiled Rebacca statue, furniture from Egypt and the musical clock are some of the captivating collections.

Besides the wonderful artefacts, the museum houses a publication and education section, reference library, cafeteria and sales counter. The museum will be quite pertinent for those penchant of history and its wonders. The museum stands closed on Fridays for maintenance purposes.

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Chaumahalla Palace - A Cynosure

The palace complex depicting the neo - classical style of architecture stands out with an accolade of UNESCO Asia Pacific Merit Award for heritage conservation.

Built in the 18th century, the Chaumahalla Palace houses four palaces which were once the residences of the Royal Nizams, gardens, courtyards and long corridors. The intricate stucco works in the facades of the Darbar Hall and the chandeliers made of Belgian crystals area awesome.

The fantabulous paintings on the walls, the well-maintained gardens and the tower clock which has been running continuously for the past 250 years are the major attractions of this palace. The palace also houses a vast collection of vintage cars like Rolls Royce used by the then Nizams.

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State Archeology Museum - India

The palace converted into museum housing the artifacts ranging from the Egyptian mummies to Ajanta Paintings.

Functioning from 1937, the State Archaelogical Museum is one of the famous spots in Hyderabad. The heritage of Andhra Pradesh is well displayed in this museum. The artefacts used during the Kakatiya Dynasty is the major attraction of this museum. Besides the South Indian Heritage, the museum houses one Egyptian mummy and copies of Ajanta Paintings. The galleries include items related to Buddha and Buddhism .

The Bronze collections occupy a significant area of the museum. The excavations have revealed the antiquity and tradition of Hyderabadi Nizams and Kakatiya Dynasty.

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Birla Temple - India

The Hindu Temple gives a warm welcome to people from all religions, a place gives the inner peace.

Built atop a 280 feet hillock, the Birla Mandir attracts everyone with its grandeur, charm and tranquillity. Blending the Rajasthani, Dravidian and Utkala architectures, the temple has been built using pure white marble stones. The 11 feet granite idol of the presiding deity Lord Venkateshwara blesses all his devotees in the serene atmosphere most suitable for meditation.

Besides the presiding deity, the premises have other smaller shrines for Goddess Parvati and the other conventional Hindu Gods. The temple walls are engraved with the teachings of holy men and also the verses of Gurbani.

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Laudable Laad Bazaar - India

The very ancient market functioning since the time of Qutub Shahis and Nizams, kindling everyone’s interest to shop.

The one kilometre long shopping strip offers you variety of options. Situated very close to the other popular spots like Charminar, Chaumallaha palace and Mecca Masjid, the Laad Bazaar is flooded with crowd round the year.

Series of shops selling bangles, sarees, jaded jewels, accessories attracts huge number of tourists and the pearl studded bangles are the world - renowned items.

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Legendary Lumbini Park - India

Portraying the culture of Buddhism besides the activities native to an amusement park is named after the Buddha’s birth place Lumbini.

The Lumbini park functions very near to the other popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad, thus attracting visitors round the year. Sprawling in an area of five acres near the Hussain Sagar lake , the park is renowned for its huge Buddha statue. Other conventional activities like water sports, boating and sight - seeing are well enjoyed by the visitors.

The water multimedia show and the laser auditorium are the centre of attractions of Lumbini Park . One of the largest water screens in India, the multimedia water show portrays the past, present and future of Hyderabad with the best rhythmic quality of audio, attractive effects of laser beams. The laser auditorium is the first of its kind in India which can accommodate 2000 people at a time, hosts laser shows every night which makes your visit to the park awesome.