The Gentle Charm and Traditions of Life in India

Any trip to India will take you to many places of both natural and manmade beauty.You may find, however, like many travellers to this country, that your most precious memories come from the unexpected moments of interaction with the local people as they go about their daily lives.

Our drivers are all locals and will be delighted to share their knowledge of (and love for) their country with you. Far from whisking you through the countryside with no time to stop and engage with the people, it is always possible when travelling with us to stop and take a closer look at things which interest you.

Locals selling their wares in markets, groups of pilgrims on their way to a temple or ashram, farmers working at sowing, cultivating and harvesting - these and many, many more human encounters are everywhere in India.

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This is a nation of over one billion people, moving about, trading, gossiping with friends and neighbours, talking politics and so on. And they will welcome your presence and your involvement at every turn.

The unpredictability of these small interactions means we cannot guarantee what you will see on the road, but you may be invited to attend a wedding, enjoy a meal in someone's home or participate in a game of cricket on a recently drained rice paddy. Children will wave excitedly as you drive past - the reaction if you stop and talk to them will make you feel like a celebrity!

One thing is for sure, India will touch your heart, open your mind and stimulate your senses in a thousand ways.