Private Boat Ride On Ganges

Private boats are hired for the tourists to have a wonderful experience of viewing numerous facets of the holy city. Unlike the motorboats and modern cruise ships, the boats used for the ride are those operated with oars.The traditional form of boat riding is one experience that you would take back home and cherish for long.

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Varanasi - City Of Temples

Holy bath at River Ganga, silk weaving centres visit and colourful bazaars

Start the boat ride at dawn from Dashashwamedh Ghat, where an array of boats adorns the scene. As the oarsman starts pushing the boat in the serene water, the splashing sounds breaking the early morning silence is like a melody to the ears. Watch the temples located near the ghats blessed with an amazing orange hue in the morning that presents a magical scene.

See the ghats slowly coming to life with people engaging in bathing and praying rituals. Listen to the sounds of ringing bells and admire the rainbow formed by the colorful clothes spread for drying across the banks.